Starting with the Prestashop 1.7.7. (released in December 2020)  developers have reduced the ability to send e-mails from PrestaShop.  Until then, the preferred use of the PHP function mail() has  unfortunately ceased to be supported.

This caused some serious troubles to our NH members. Our webservers and SMTP servers have not supported other sending emails method which was available in the Prestashop. Therefore we had to bring heads together and find out a solution.

After detailed analysis (security impacts, FUP, etc.) we came out with a solution. The solution is named WebSMTP and we are happy to announce it to you.

The WebSMTP service allows you to send e-mails from PHP scripts in cases when for some reason it's not possible to use the standard PHP mail function. WebSMTP is a local SMTP server that is available on every webserver. It is reachable only locally - cannot be accessed from other  servers / networks.

How does it works

WebSMTP is a local SMTP server working on every webserver. From your web application you can connect to this SMTP with your dedicated credentials. Every domain on every webserver has its own credentials. You cannot connect to WebSMTP on another webserver than your domain is hosted on.

The credentials are generated automatically. They cannot be changed but you can anytime get your username and password.

WebSMTP emails are subject to our standard FUP limits. WebSMTP is available for both Basic and VIP memberships.

Requirements & Configuration

To use WebSMTP you need to meet several requirements:

  • your web app have to support sending emails via SMTP
  • you need to have credentials ready
How to get your credentials (username and password)? Please read our Knowledge Base article dedicated to WebSMTP.

To send emails via WebSMTP you just need to enable SMTP sending in your app, enter SMTP server address, username, password, and port. That's it! 😎

Emails sent from WebSMTP are DKIM signed, if you have DKIM configured correctly (check out our Knowledge base) and also complain with SPF.

In case of any questions about WebSMTP, reach out in our Community Board or contact our Support Team, anytime.