As part of improving communication and streamlining the status of services, we have prepared a new project for you - Nuclear.Hosting Status. It is a clear interface, where you will gradually find the status of all our services and information about them.

Why NH Status

There is a several reasons why we decided to use indenpedent system/services status page:

  • It's out of our base infrastructure, so even if you don't get to us (blockage towards us) you'll know what's going on.
  • The service is completely independent of the device or third parties. It's a simple HTML page.
  • We plan to integrate events subscription so you will immediately get fresh information about our system/services status to your email address.
  • Data is sent to the service automatically, semi-automatically (requires an active step by one of our employees to complete information) and manually. For important things such as servers maintenance, you will see the problem almost immediately, for more complicated ones, we can manually enter information about the status of the solution or a link to more information.


We have had planned this service for a long time. After a lot of planning, we finally let it out for you. We believe that this service will help us improve communication and information exchange between us and our members/customers about the operation of our services.

Service NH Status is created on CachetHQ system and we are giving to the guys behind CachetHQ all cudos!