In Nuclear.Hosting, we always honored fair and transparent communication with our customers and members. Besides that, another important question for all of us was fairness and breaking tabus and rules. From the very beginning when the idea of creating Nuclear.Hosting services appear we thinking about "Hosting Revolution".

Our membership offer was very simple. We had just two membership plans:

  • Free: Free web hosting for one domain and a bunch of features you need to run your website with no ads and no extra costs. Simply, meet a few conditions (such as human verification during the sign-up process) and enjoy your free 10GB web hosting for your domain. Eshop, blog, whatever.
  • VIP: Paid membership plan which includes UNLIMITED number of domains, UNLIMITED disk storage, UNLIMITED everything! We do not limit the number of FTP accounts, MySQL databases, e-mail accounts, etc. This membership also included DevOps tools such as Git, SSH access, rsync, SFTP, PHP Composer, WP-CLI and much more extra features. Only one price for ALL webhosting features. With this package, you do not have to worry about hosting services anytime. No extra costs, just one transparent price.

Both memberships required approval after you sign-up. You fill the sign-up form, verified you are a human (phone and email verification) and after that, we reviewed your application. This process took usually about 2-3 hours.

During the time we have figured out few interesting things which forced us to think about Nuclear.Hosting members in another perspective.

Free is no longer free

The first thing we had discovered was that 99% of all Free membership registrations was kind of SPAMMERS / SCAMMERS. Very often we received registration with fake details without any verification (email nor phone), a few minutes after we received another registration from the same IP but with very different details and verification done already. Evidently, the name (first and last name) was faked in most of the times.

Many of approved Free registrations was problematic in most cases too. Free members uploaded fraudulent websites, scams websites, they tried to DOS other remote servers or send spam from PHP or our outgoing SMTP servers. All of these violent was detected and shut down automatically and their registrations closed.

However, Free membership was problematic also due to another reason. Free registrations were not much fair against our VIP members. Free members were for us the financial expense. To pay this expense we had to collect money from VIP members and from their money we could pay servers for Free and VIP members either. We found out that is totally unfair to donate Free members by VIP members. One of our main idea of the whole Nuclear.Hosting project is that all money our members pay to us we returning back to them in NH services and improvements. Donating Free members by VIP members payments was not right and was unfair and we had to do with it something very quickly.

Brand new shiny NH Membership plans

We have to protect our VIP members against Free members who do not appreciate free services and breaking our community and fairness rules (not mention about ToS).

We found a solution and decided to change our membership plans.

After a few months of work to adjust our Sign-Up and scoring process, servers configuration and servers backend hosting system, website content etc. we are happy to announce our updated Nuclear.Hosting membership plans:

  • Basic: Basic membership is a replacement for previous Free plan. The monthly price is 0.95€ (or any currency equivalent). This plan includes the same parameters as previous Free membership, such as 1 domain, 10GB disk storage, 5 email mailboxes, unlimited subdomains and much more. Full feature list.
  • VIP: VIP membership parameters were slightly changed and updated. The price is still the same 19.95€ (or any currency equivalent), but the plan is a little bit more "limited", which means we are now limiting max. number domains/hostings in this plan from Unlimited to 100 domains. We also changed Unlimited disk storage to 500GB disk storage size for all domains which are divided between MySQL (125GB), E-Mail (125GB) and Web (250GB). All other parameters stay the same. Full feature list.

New membership registrations newly do not require our approval, except some special cases which are detected by our scoring system. All registrations are proceeding immediately. You will still need to verify your phone number and email address during registration. After successful registration, you will receive payment instructions. Currently, you can pay online using PayPal or by bank transfer. We have a local bank account for every single currency we are supporting (EUR, USD, CZK, PLN, GBP). When is your order paid, the account is fully activated and ready to use.

During the June / July we will add PayPal Subscriptions to automatic payment processing and Credit Card payment gateway (other than PayPal).

Hand to hand with those changes, we updated our website, simplified and unified it a little bit more.

Final thoughts

We believe that all those changes will bring to Nuclear.Hosting much more fairness, transparency and much more high-quality members. I understand, that introduction of limits for VIP members might be not very popular for many of you and some of you might be upset, but I believe we can do that together and these changes help to move forward Nuclear.Hosting much more than before.

In the end, I have to mention that new VIP membership limits do not negatively affect any of our current VIP members. All of them are much more bellow those new limits. So, no one is negatively affected. If anyone will need to increase disk storage capacity or add some more domains/hostings, there is absolutely no problem for us to do that. So, don't be worry! We are in together!

Let us know what do you think about all of those changes and what we can improve or change in the feature!