As of September 1, 2020, web browsers will no longer trust 2-year TLS / SSL certificates.

Each certificate issued from 1 September 2020 must be valid for less than 398 days (13 months). If it is extended, all the most used web browsers will mark it as untrusted.

The initiative was launched by Apple, which was also supported by Google. A few days ago, Mozilla also published info on her blog.

As a result, certification authorities (CAs) will stopped issuing new 2-year certificates in August 2020. E.g. Sectigo did so on August 19, 2020 and will only offer certificates with a one-year validity in the offer.

How does it affect you?

If you use a 2-year certificate issued before September 1, 2020 on your website, there is nothing to worry about. The certificate will remain trusted until the end of its original validity. After its expiration, it will be necessary to extend it for only 1 year.

In our commercial SSL Certificates offer we always sold SSL/TLS certificates valid only 1 year. We did not have certificates for 2 or more years available for our members. It means, we do not have to do any further steps and all certificates ordered from NH are fully valid and will be renewed as usual.