The waiting is over! We are happy to introduce you our new Nuclear.Hosting Affiliate Program finally!

Earn Money With Nuclear.Hosting
Affiliate Program

The affiliate program brings the possibility of earning money for arranging orders. All you have to do is place an advertisement for  our products with a commission link or an advertising area with banners  on your website. You will receive a commission for each order placed by a customer who came through an advertisement or link on your site. The customer can order from us up to 90 days after visiting through your site and you will receive a reward. You can earn up to 50% of the total price that customer will pay. You can also bring other  affiliate partners and get a commission from their commissions lifetime  up to 3 referral levels. You will also receive from us €5 registration bonus to your affiliate account when you complete your registration.

Nuclear.Hosting Affiliate Program

  • promote our online products with links, banners or discount coupons
  • commission 15 – 50% (of the total amount of the order, according to the ordered product)
  • the validity of cookies 90 days
  • min. amount for withdraw is 50€, we pay by transfer to the bank or PayPal
  • anyone can join, no written contract, no commitment, just online registration
  • 3 levels referral commissions – earn 10% commission of every referral commissions for life
  • registration bonus €5 when you finish your registration into our Affiliate Program

How our Affiliate Program Works

  1. Sign up for our Affiliate Program
  2. Place an ad on your website or share your Affiliate Link
  3. Earn Commissions from Nuclear.Hosting

How To Promote Us

  • advertising banners – you will receive from us  the HTML code for the selected advertising banner in the selected size,  which you will insert on your pages. You have several different standard  banner sizes available in different colour variations.
  • commission links – you will receive from us the URL of the link, which you can place  where you want and how you want – place on your website, or use in a  personal meeting with the client.
  • referral –  promote the affiliate system itself with a commission link or  advertising space, from each partner brought in this way you will  receive 10% of his direct commissions (from his brought orders) for life  up to the 3rd level*
  • discount coupons – you  will generate discount coupons that you can distribute and publish to  the public – visitors brought by you using the coupon will receive a  discount when ordering and you will be awarded a commission

We will continually work on improvements to our new Affiliate Program. New products to promote are coming soon, new banners are coming and also discount codes for affiliate partners to promote will be available soon.

Our NH Affiliate Program should be considered as Beta version and we will keep improving the whole process to help you maximise your earnings. If you have experiences with any Affiliate programs and considering interesting our Affiliate Program, let us know (in Community Board or by sending us an e-mail)! We would definitely like to hear your opinions - what to change, what to improve, what to add or remove and how to make the whole process as much comfortable as possible.